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Wellness Centre in Lanzarote

Health care, fitness, wellbeing, and rehabilitation: personalised programmes and tailored treatments

It’s time to invest in yourself. Discover our wellness centre in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote— a place specially dedicated to your health, fitness, well-being, and rehabilitation. Try our personalised programmes, tailored treatments and services provided by our team of expert professionals. Our programmes are designed to help you get fitter, boost your energy, and ultimately lead a healthier life. 

Our health, fitness and wellness services have been created specifically with our guests in mind and can be personalised to your needs. Our extensive knowledge and professional experience guarantee you will receive the best possible care from our physiotherapists and trainers. Thanks to our personalised care and attention, you’ll get the most value from your stay with us. You can participate in our wellness programmes, book health checks or physiotherapy sessions, or start a tailored fitness and nutrition programme.

Check here the weelky physiotherapy programme. PHYSIOTHERAPY TREATMENTS

Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 8:00 to 18:00 hrs.

Tel.: 928510016


Health treatments

At Casas Heddy, you’ll have the chance to invest in what’s most important in life: your health. Our professionals have extensive training and experience in their areas, guaranteeing you the best results. 

Our health checks are tailored to meet your personal needs. A functional screening helps identify age and fitness parameters, and our biometric assessments can provide a segmental body composition analysis.

Fitness treatments

Would you like to get in shape with the help of our experienced professionals? Our training programmes are specially designed to help you increase mobility and improve strength, muscular endurance, balance, coordination, and cardiorespiratory fitness.

We have a fitness and cardio studio, yoga and Pilates area and a functional training space at your disposal. Through our treatments, you’ll learn to make better habits that’ll help you improve your mobility and be more active— both fundamental to ageing healthily and gracefully.

Wellness treatments

Our Life Centre in Lanzarote has a long reputation as a centre of excellence in rehabilitation and recovery from any kind of injury. Enjoy our massage therapies, physiotherapy and hydrotherapy sessions. At a comfortable 32 degrees, our swimming pool is perfect for recovery treatments.

Rehabilitation treatments

Massage therapy helps to reduce tension and alleviate stress and headaches. It improves range of motion in your muscles and joints. It also helps eliminate toxins, strengthening the immune system and promoting blood circulation.