Wellness at Casas Heddy Lanzarote involves the integration of physical, mental and spiritual health. Ancient civilizations, like India, China, Greece and Rome, used wellness not only as a holistic but as a preventative approach.

At Casas Heddy we will aid you in understanding our holistic concept of wellness and implementing it into your everyday life. You can think of wellness in six different aspects: physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social and environmental.

At Casas Heddy we focus on all of these six aspects:

  • Physical: at Casas Heddy you have a choice of Aqua Gym, yoga, community outdoor walks, physiotherapy centre, fitness and rehabilitation room, heated and wheelchair accessed pool as well as treatments and massages.
  • Mental: we offer conscious breathing through yoga, beautiful gardens, the support of our staff and our community of guests. You are also able to enjoy the peaceful surroundings on your own to allow you to relax and reconnect.
  • Spiritual: we support you in achieving spiritual wellness through our physical treatments and activities including massage, yoga, walks, socializing and expanding your horizons through the resort’s community.
  • Emotional: when you visit Casas Heddy you are able to become a part of our community, whilst enjoying the privacy you desire. Within this community, you can meet and appreciate unique and wonderful people from all over the world and of all ages.
  • Social: we encourage you to be a part of our thriving Casas Heddy community enabling the social aspect of wellness. You will have the opportunity to establish strong relationships in our healing community and contribute your own experiences to support others around you.
  • Environmental: Lanzarote is an island of great biodiversity. Our environment is critical for healing and we would like to connect you with nature through our community garden walks, Lanzarote biosphera and introducing our sustainability vision.

Whether you are looking to find wellness through our resort sports and leisure facilities or find emotional and spiritual wellness through surroundings and community, Casas Heddy can be the ideal place for you.

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