A part of our wellness program offering at Casas Heddy is the hydrotherapy pool with warm water therapy. Also known as Aquatic Therapy, this style of water therapy benefits and aids in chronic conditions, pains and aches, or even weight loss.

Our team of professional and experienced staff uses gentle and controlled movements that offer pain relief. These movements are done inside the water set to a temperature of 33 - 36ºC. This water temperature matters as it allows your muscles to relax which brings ease in movement. The water also supports your weight which aids in pain relief as well as increases your range of motion. Pushing against the water will provide slight resistance to your muscles which can aid in gaining strength. The water's extra support allows you to feel like you are capable of completing more exercises and maintaining greater movement. At Casas Heddy Lanzarote, we offer the perfect facilities to give you the water therapy benefits you need.