The most essential element of Casas Heddy is our guest. The inspiring stories and the lives of our community and team define our essence. Through our unique location, community culture and mission we are fully dedicated to care and excellence.

The property of Casas Heddy has indelible charm and good karma. The steps we take in restoring the energy and vitality are respectful and inspired by the island’s culture. The contrast of blue sky, white walls, black lava stone, green trees with flowering pops of color mark our identity. The healing properties of our grounds will be enhanced through our program offering. As the beautiful setting and offering attract guests, it's the warm and welcoming community of high spirited, compassionate team that drives the energy, guest experience and beat the heart of Casas Heddy.

The desire to live a meaningful life is universal. The examination of one’s life, and giving rise to closer observation of the present is fundamental at Casa Heddy. At the root of all meaningful work is the enlivening connection to others, and cheerful service resulting in healthy, prosperous, resilient citizenship. At Casas Heddy we have a mission to empower self care and connect our guests to supporting practitioners so they can feel relaxed and rejuvenated after their holiday at Casas Heddy..