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About us

Casas Heddy’s mission statement: to improve your wellbeing and quality of life

Casas Heddy was given a new lease of life in 2020 thanks to a team of new owners, including health and longevity professionals. We continue to provide healing services that have changed and improved many people’s lives. With over 45 years of experience, it’s a great pleasure to offer quality accommodation, superb facilities and a great variety of services. We want everyone, without distinction, to be able to enjoy the most pleasant and comfortable stay possible. Our priority is to meet your specific needs, regardless of your abilities. Our products and services comply with universal accessibility requirements and are designed to suit all guests, so everyone can participate equally, independently and with dignity. Enjoy a fully inclusive holiday experience and boost your health and well-being.

A legacy of more than 45 years

Olav Ketilsson. Chairman/ CEO

“In an unpredictable and ever-changing world, our health, physical condition, and well-being have never been more important. That’s why at Casas Heddy, we continue to build our incredible legacy of over 45 years in care while offering innovative and pioneering opportunities to vitalise, rejuvenate and reboot your life. Whether you want to start one of our health, fitness and well-being programmes at our Life Centre, try our fantastic culinary workshops at our new poolside restaurant, or just relax by the pool, we’ll welcome you with open arms.

Heddy Astrup

Heddy Astrup first had the vision of creating facilities to aid rehabilitation for disabled children and their families in the warm, healing climate of Lanzarote.

The plan

Heddy’s dream was to give people the opportunity to benefit from Lanzarote’s incredible climate, improving their physical and mental well-being while offering specialised rehabilitation treatments.

Our experience

We are always humble, and we understand the many challenges that families suffering from disease face daily and how this affects their lives. So, here at Casas Heddy, we’re committed and passionate about offering the best support we can. 

We make the difference

We have experience providing advanced treatments for all kinds of injuries and illnesses— from car accidents to brain haemorrhages, from cerebral palsy to Parkinson’s, as well as all types of sporting injuries. We pride ourselves on offering the best care and attention to all our guests.

We’re constantly improving

As we enter a new era of healthcare, fitness, and well-being for everyone, we preserve our heritage, placing it at the heart of everything we do.

We’re constantly investing

We know how important it is to keep improving and evolving. That’s why we’re currently investing in quality functional training equipment and specialised materials for our life Centre, available to all our guests and clients.

The healing power of water

Casas Heddy has exclusive access to an endless hydrotherapy pool set at a comfortable temperature of 32 degrees, perfect for underwater rehabilitation and swim analysis, available in autumn.

Fully accessible accommodation

Casas Heddy provides single, double, or family rooms on the ground floor. Our guest rooms are fully adapted for people with reduced mobility. The rooms have been recently renovated with a spacious, open-plan design. They all have one or two single beds, a desk and a flat screen TV. The bathroom is fully wheelchair-accessible, with wide doors, grab rails and raised toilet seat options. 

Life Centre:

personalised treatments and therapies

Our resort is the perfect place to learn how to live healthier and boost your quality of life. Casas Heddy guests have access to our Life Centre, a healthcare space with a fitness and cardio studio, a functional training area and a garden for yoga and Pilates. You can try our daily activities, guided classes and training sessions or benefit from our therapies and health treatments. 

Healthy holidays in Lanzarote

Our health resort is located in a residential area of Puerto del Carmen— one of Lanzarote’s main tourist areas, just a short drive from anywhere on the island. There are endless options for entertainment around Puerto del Carmen. Its beautiful beaches extend over eight km of coast. Many of them are accessible to people with reduced mobility and equipped with wheelchair ramps to the shoreline, accessible showers and toilets, amphibious chairs and disabled parking spaces.