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Casas Heddy is located in the ouskirst of Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote. Puerto del Carmen is the largest tourist resort on the island and only a 10 min drive from the airport and approx 20 kms from the capital Arrecife. It will take you 15 – 20 minutes to walk to the center of the oldtown and a little further to the beach. Taxi is very reasonably priced and a good alternative if you so prefer.

Lanzarote is the 4th largest in size and the most northernly of the Canary Islands. It is approx 19 million years old and of volcanic origins. The island was developed for tourism and the airport opened in 1964. The climate is dry with very little rain. The annual rainfall is 125 mm. The average temperature varies from 20C to 29C depending on the time of year.

The island is small and compact, but don’t get fooled – there is a lot to see and enjoy if you are interested in arts, culture and design, wine or just simply want sun and sea!

The development of tourism seems better planned on Lanzarote than on many of the other Canary Islands. This is mostly thanks to the artist and architect Cesar Manrique (1919 – 1992). He cooperated with the local authorities in developing arts, culture and visitor centers all over the island. The centers are visited frequently by the tourists holidaying on Lanzarote and they are all marked by the artists desire to adapt the human edificies to the character of the nature. The result is Lanzarotes uniqueness compared to other destinations. In 1993 Lanzarote was enlisted in UNESCOS World Heritage list. Thanks to Cesar Manrique and his continous work, people realized the value of keeping the unique character and beauty of the landscape to be enjoyed by future generations. 33% of the islands superficies enjoys some kind of landscape protection.

Visit Lanzarotes fantastic tourist centers in caves, lagoons and volcanoes or the fascinating wine district La Geria – or just simply visit one of the lovely beaches the island has to offer! Try the local gastronomy accompanied by a glass of refreshing and fruity wine! Ask us for advice when you come to Lanzarote and Casas Heddy – we are happy to share our island with you!

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